Sunday, August 4, 2013

Angioplasty vs open heart surgery

Now, angioplasty can remove even 100% heart block

Matters of the heart


A ballon or stent is used to Expand narrowed or blocked arteries using catheters inserted through the groin or writsts

Open surgery

The Chest is opened and the heart is stopped for some time Arteries or veins from another part of the body or grafted as an alternative path or blood flow

Angioplasty is less invasive ; recoery is faster than bypass surgery

Chennai : There is no need to go under the knife Oven if there is 100 % block in a coronary artery and the block can be removed through angioplasty. say a section of doctors . Japanese doctors who specialise to this method of treatment vouch for Its success. More than 100 doctors from across the country learned the technique at a workshop organised by Apollo Hospitals. Ayyanabakkam on fridaysay

Japanese cardiologist Dr Masahlsa Yamane showcased various techniques using which doctors can remove completely blocked artery through angioplasty .He per-formed three live demonstrations through which he explained treatment methods like retrograde angiopastry and cart technique.

Traditionally patients diagnosed with chronic total oclusion. which is 100 %block In an artery are asked to undergo open by pass surgeries . In this method,a surgeon operates on patients chest and stops the heart until the bypass is done. A Blod vessel from another part of the patients body is taken and grafted as an alternative path for blood flow

however with new methods emerging , doctors say such blocks can be now removed using angioplasty "In Japan people believe that If one's chest Le opened. the Soul departs So we had to come up with new alternative methods to remove heart blocks. It is a matter of skill and practice. said Dr Yamane.

Several Intervention cardiologsts who attended the workshop sald this procedure ensured faster recovery. "The Procedure requires sophiscated equipment that are available only In Japan. With the stents and balloons we have in India we could achieve 90 % success . But now with the new techniques that we can learned. we can achieve 95 % said Dr Anand (Gnanaral, senior intervention cardiologist Apollo hospitals Ayanambakkam