Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to make money on youtube and blogger

Earning money is not difficult if you watch some interesting sites. One of the genuine website is . They are paying ads earning to their publishers for the past 10 years. Even i joined to adsense in march 2013. So far i got cheque from google is 20,000/- this is my 4 months earnings. How to start the job ? Just you need to create a blogs in it's free site to design your own website Just you need to gmail address is enough to create website in blogger. The after purchase domain name with and link this blogger to your domain name One you created the blog apply for google search engine and bring it into google and bing search engines. The Simple thing is your blog is to have attract more traffic. Once you get good traffic you can apply for google adsense and relaese ads to enable to see the ads by your website visitors. While applying for google ads the google company may not approve your website design in blogger. So that you need to purchhase a .com domain. And one more thing is you can publish your ads even in youtube videos . But it will take long time . that's may be 1 year or 2 years that is depends on your videos traffic How to make money on youtube and blogger