Thursday, June 13, 2013

Discount on sales and purchase in tally.erp9

These are two methods we can enter the discount in sales and purchase entry in tally.erp9 1st method : Press F11 and select inventory features , Select Separate column on invoice and set enable to Yes (the above will apprear at right side) Now you can find a separate column for disc in sales inv and purchase inv Ex : You are selling a mobile @ 5000/- and allowed disc Rs 500/- to ur clients enter the qty rate as 5000 and enter disc rate as 10% Note : in the above method You can able see the disc rate but not the discount amount This method will effective while taking reports for item wise profit 2nd method : In this method you need to create two ledegrs for disc recd under group direct invocme and discount given under group direct exp ( sales disc) While entering the sale and purchase voucher , first enter the item names , qty , rate and amount after finishing stock item details simply press the enter key once to leave a blank line and select the ledger name Discount given ledger (in sales) and enter the discount amount with (-) value If you like this post You can donate from Rs 20 to 100/- to enable improve the online education Discount on sales and purchase in tally.erp9